Raffles Europejski Warsaw in the press

When an iconic brand like Raffles opens a hotel, expectations are high. When it joins forces with the already beloved local hotel, the hype is simply phenomenal. Such was the case with Raffles Europejski Warsaw, a place where two legendary brands came together – Raffles, founded in Singapore in 1887 and since then having become synonymous with luxury hospitality and legendary service, and Hotel Europejski, once a Grand Dame of European hotels of the 19th century, bringing over 160 years of history and heritage, and having a very special place in the hearts of Poles. 

It took months of planning, lots of creative brainstorming sessions and many exciting discussions with the press, to secure qualitative publicity reflecting the brand’s positioning. Here are just some examples of the press coverage we achieved in the launch year. We do like to think that we rose to the challenge.