Raffles Europejski Warsaw Art Talks

When an iconic brand like Raffles opens a hotel, expectations are high. When it joins forces with the already beloved local hotel, the hype is simply phenomenal. Such was the case with Raffles Europejski Warsaw, a place where two legendary brands came together – Raffles, founded in Singapore in 1887 and since then having become synonymous with luxury hospitality and legendary service, and Hotel Europejski, once a Grand Dame of European hotels of the 19th century, bringing over 160 years of history and heritage, and having a very special place in the hearts of Poles. 

What made this union of two hospitality brands even more exciting was a curated Hotel Europejski Art Collection, comprising nearly 500 works by 120 Polish artists, conceptually relevant and offering a distinctive narrative within the hotel interiors, referencing post-war Polish modernism, and showcasing promising younger Polish talents. 

As part of the activities putting the collection on the public radar, together with the Raffles marketing team I organized a series of Art Talks with artists featured in the collection, attended by art & culture editors, as well as selected members of the public. The format of a small gathering, hosted by the Art Collection Manager, allowed for a truly bespoke experience of getting to know the artist behind the art.